Our Mission

Established in March, 2017, The Elizabeth Loranzo  iCare Foundation is a non-profit 501(c)3 corporation dedicated to providing a voice for those battling addiction, depression, anxiety, domestic abuse and alcoholism; educating parents, loved ones, elected officials and the community; and is committed to saving lives. 

The iCare Foundation was founded by Elizabeth’s mother, Wendy Loranzo, in response to her sudden and tragic loss of life from a heroin laced with fentanyl overdose on 3-19-17.  The Foundation promotes Compassion, Advocacy, Recovery and Education (CARE).

Compassion:  The iCare Foundation reaches out to those who have lost a loved one to addiction issues and to those assisting a relative or friend who is struggling with addiction.

Advocacy:  The iCare Foundation meets with top state and local officials on issues such as funding for treatment programs, tougher laws and stiffer penalties for drug dealers and pushes to stop illegal drug manufacturers compose and deliver deadly poison. The Foundation has met with PA’s Attorney General Josh Shapiro as well as members of the state Senate and House of Representatives. The Foundation also works to ensure that Pennsylvania’s representatives in Congress and other federal officials are doing their fair share in the fight against this epidemic.

Recovery:  The iCare Foundation works with county Drug and Alcohol agencies in support of efforts to ensure that the recovery community has access to the tools available, i.e. Vivitrol and other forms of treatment.  The Foundation also serves as a help center to assist families and loved ones to find support, counseling and group meetings that will give a helping hand in times of supporting the addict, learning more about the disease, and letting them know there is hope and help out there.

Education:  The iCare Foundation promotes outreach to local school districts and educational entities, county Drug and Alcohol Program offices, and other local and state agencies so that today’s children learn about the potentially fatal effects of drug abuse and how the growing drug epidemic is tearing apart their families and communities.

The iCare Foundation provides financial support for rehabilitation entry fees for those seeking recovery and also for MAT (medical assisted treatment) options.  We are a huge proponent for Vivitrol, a monthly non-drug injection that blocks the effects and desires of opioids and alcohol when used in conjunction with counseling after detoxification.

The iCare Foundation assist families in obtaining nasal Narcan (also known as naloxone) which is used to reverse an opioid overdose and save a life. 

The iCare Foundation provides outreach and support at local rehabilitation facilities.  We provide free iCare t- shirts and wristbands to recovery patients and communicate our story of loss through drug addiction.  It is our mission to let those in recovery know that Elizabeth died to save their life and they have a second chance to make a difference.

The iCare Foundation co-sponsors programs with other drug and alcohol awareness groups in Central PA including Drug Free PA; the Natalie Cribari Drug Awareness Fund; Medard’s House and Rainey’s Light, just to name a few.